Migration Justice: Delivering on the promises of the Global Compact for Migration

Migration Justice: Delivering on the Global Compact for Migration

Paper 5: Dismantling Systemic Racism in Migration Governance Introduction

The Global Compact for Migration (GCM or the Compact) is a framework for global cooperation to improve migration governance. The GCM includes a promise of people-centred, human rights-based migration governance. The 2022 International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) will take stock of the implementation of the GCM and will be the first opportunity for all states to reflect together on the progress made in fulfilling this promise and on the new challenges ahead. The GCM guiding principle on a human rights-based approach emphasizes non-discrimination, which means that in addition to actions on Goal 7 (Address and reduce vulnerabilities related to migration) Goal 16 (Empower migrants and societies for full integration and social cohesion) and Goal 17 (Eliminate all forms of discrimination and encourage evidence-based public debate to change perceptions of migration), non-discrimination is central to the achievement of the GCM as a whole. Achieving racial justice is part of fulfilling the promise of the GCM and of migration justice.



Carole Salas


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