Migration Justice: Delivering on the promises of the Global Compact for Migration

Migration Justice: Delivering on the Global Compact for Migration

Paper 4: Meaningful Participation: Focusing on the Expertise and Experience of Migrants

The Global Compact for Migration (GCM) includes a promise of participatory processes expressed through the adoption of a people-centred, human rights-based and whole-of-society approach to migration policy. Every four years, starting in 2022, the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF) will serve as the main global intergovernmental platform for Member States and other stakeholders to report on progress in implementing the Global Compact for Migration and to discuss persistent or emerging challenges. The IMRF should facilitate the meaningful participation of migrants, regardless of their migration status, in a manner that is ethical, sustainable and safe, while building on and expanding participatory processes at the local, national and regional levels.1 This paper is addressed to members of governments at all levels, the United Nations, diplomatic missions, civil society and other stakeholder groups with access to and convening power around the review and implementation of the Global Compact for Migration.



Carole Salas

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